1. I’m having a really difficult time getting homework done right now. I keep getting distracted with paranoid thought after thought and I’m reading a rather boring morality play.

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    My counselor thinks I have OCD.

  3. So how do subsequent counseling appointments work after going to the initial examination? Do I have to bring something up to start talking? Will the counselor have more questions? I have an appointment again tomorrow and yet again I don’t know what more to expect.

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    Jacob van Loon
    Mini Stations (Temples)

    The newest addition to the Stations series is an elaboration on my experience with architecture being both redundant and new. Death (redundancy) occurs with passive observation of the same space over time. Rebirth (new perception) is a conscious decision to enter and exit the same space with the understanding it cannot be the same twice. 

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    Stealing Adam’s shirts

    Stealing Adam’s shirts

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    I have my first counseling session tomorrow and I’m not sure what to expect. The last time I stepped foot in a counselor’s office I was probably 15 and with my mom. I even had just one real appointment because they would schedule me months apart.

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    I drew a lot of faces this week 

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    the best graduation speech ever

  9. I feel as though I’m in a permanent state of anxiety and paranoia.

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    I am the princess of rice bowls

    I am the princess of rice bowls

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Green Field, 1889, Vincent van Gogh


    Green Field, 1889, Vincent van Gogh

  12. Okay so did the sexual innuendo “hit it” always mean “to hit the nail on the head”? Or has it evolved to indicate something else like I suspect?

    Because it’s a little strange to read, “Aaron, thou hast hit it” in a Shakespeare play and knowing it’s still an innuendo.

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    I’m not sure why I’m writing this or what sense of calm it can provide me with, but I haven’t really self-reflected in a long time and I think not doing so will just make me lose touch with myself more.

    Today I’ve been experiencing anxiety to a degree. It’s not anything compared to some days during the summer or spring when I seemed to be on edge more often, but it’s still a recognizable feeling. I feel withdrawn from just about everything. I can’t even say what triggered me because it seems to sporadically change - my mind automatically jumps from one worry to another, leaving me with only a few hours of what might be real tranquility.

    I invalidate my feelings by telling myself my low days aren’t severe in any way, simply a natural bad day. Yet these times tend to be patterned - triggered by something or not. I feel almost the same way each time regardless of how I react to it.

    It only makes me feel worse that I can’t appreciate the things and people I love when I get into this self-destructive, spiraling state.

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    My strategy is to win.

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  15. On eating Greek yogurt while drinking a monster: getting enough protein to not die from too much caffeine?